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Information about Vinhomes Riverside 2 - The Harmony



Vinhomes Riverside 2 or Vinhomes The Harmony– new project of Vingroup


After success of Vinhomes Riverside, Vinhomes The Harmony is another option of Vingroup in the real estate market. In the first and second quarter in 2016, the number of deal of adjacent, villa, residential land, house in Sai Dong, Viet Hung, Giang Bien, Phuc Loi was likely to be stagnant. Vinhomes Riverside project in earlier months has just 30 deals per month on average. The reason is that clients have some information about Vinhomes Riverside 2 and phrase such as Vinhome Riverside 2 (The Harmony) or Vinhomes Riverside 2 have large number of being searched on Google Search. But, now the official distribution unit of stage 1 commits that investor has not got any information about Vinhomes Riverside 2. Please refer to detail of Vinhomes Riverside ecological urban in the following article.


With romantic Venice style, getting out of cramped feeling of closed- proximity house in the capital, and being suitable for developing demand of urban, Vinhomes Riverside villa is considered as super villa in center of Hanoi and gold- product that is welcomed solicitingly by investors.

As their name, each luxury villa is next to riverside, which makes best site of both living space and geomancy. Therefore, mass of Vinhomes Riverside villas for rent is appropriated in the market.

Following success of  chain of Vinhomes Riverside luxury  villas “waving” the real estate market in 2015, Vingroup is going to present a chain of Vinhomes Riverside 2 products (The Vinhomes Harmony), which is really superior and worthy but still standards five- star quality of Vingroup.


Vinhomes Riverside 2 adjacent

It inheritates high- quality utilities system that clients experienced at Vinhomes Riverside 1 with many nice riverside villas. And there will be utilities with Vingroup style in stage 2 that make the urban deserve international standard.


Vinhomes Riveside 2 Shophouse

This product also bring profitable opportunities to investors in 2016. Vinhomes Riverside 2 project (The Harmony) will be a chance to own luxury villas in new living space which is superior than that of Vinhome’s projects before. This is also the time for investor in high society to make big profit from investing in this project. Because, as for the corporations presenting in projects before, there is no doubt about the ability of developing and increasing value in future. This will be the investment making big profit that investors should not ignore.


Vinhomes Riverside Long Bien 2 utilities

Vinhomes Riverside 2 project will occupy up to 50% of semi detached house from 85m2 to 120m2 in area, in which investor will plan separating area including nearly 100 shophouses for trading area. This is also new point in the urban, and the resident will freely eat, shopping without going to crowed street...


Vinhomes Riverside 2 promises to bring a new change, ideal safety living and profitable investing opportunities. Therefore, this is a place will be a center of Real Estate in 2016.

This new urban is next to Vinhomes Riverside with many villas for rent Vinhomes Riverside available at MyHanoiHome in this compound.

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