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Best dishes should try in Hanoi, Vietnam



Some Vietnamese dishes recommended to try in Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnamese cuisine attracted by affordable dishes with these flavors which represent for national spirit and visitors from all over the world love is not only served in the luxurious and expensive restaurants but also in the small roadside vendors.


When living in Hanoi we would like to list some popular foods which you should try, let's take a discovery and find out what they are:


is the most famous food in Hanoi, and it is also considered the typical dish of Vietnam cuisine. You can easily find Pho on any big and small street  in Hanoi.

Pho is divided into many difirent types, but two basic types are Pho bo (Beef noodle soup) and Pho ga (Chicken noodle soup). The main ingredients of Pho are the bouillon, boiled rice noodles and meat (beef, chicken, pork, ...). Besides, you can enjoy Pho with green onions, bib lettuce and a little chilli sauce, lemon sauce if you like sour and spicy flavor. A delicious bowl of Pho is the combination of pure bouillon, soft noodle, sweet smelling meat.

The different recipe of making a bowl of Pho decides the different taste of this food. You can choose famous trademarks to enjoy, such as Pho Bat Dan, Pho Thin, Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su, ... because they use the original family recipes to make their special dishes.

If you visit Hanoi, you may enjoy “tasty Pho” at some following addresses:

  • Pho Bat Dan – No. 49 Bat Dan street
  • Pho Thin – No. 13 Lo Duc street
  • Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su – No. 10 Ly Quoc Su street/ No. 2 Hang Voi street/ N2A Hoang Minh Giam street
  • Pho Vui – No. 25 Hang Giay


Bun cha is listed in top 5 specialties of Hanoi street food, so you can enjoy this dish at any street when visiting Hanoi.


Bun cha means bun (rice noodles) and cha (grilled pork). There are two types of cha: minced meat and sliced meat. They are all grilled on the charcoal to taste soft, sweet and very fragrant. Bun and cha are eaten with sauce and herbs. The special flavor of bun cha is fish sauce which is a typical sauce in Vietnam and combined with chilli, garlic, black pepper, green papaya fruit. If you like eating barbecue, bun cha is a good choice. Especially, during a official visit to Vietnam, President United States – Mr. OBAMA has ever tasted this dish in Hanoi.

Here is ideal places where you can enjoy “bun cha” in Hanoi:

  • Bun cha Dac Kim – No. 1 Hang Manh street
  • Bun cha Nguyen Bieu – No. 23 Nguyen Bieu street
  • Bun cha Hang Than – No. 34 Hang Than street


If you have a chance to visit or live in Hanoi, you should taste the famous dishes in Hanoi. One of them is Cha ca and the best trademarks are Cha ca La Vong, Cha ca Thang Long.


Cha ca is made from fresh fish which is carefully chosen and de-boned. Fish is seasoned with garlic, turmeric, ginger, a little shrimp paste and fish sauce to grill. Then, grilled fish is put into a sizzling pan with fennel, green onion. The restaurants serve rice noodles, peanuts, sauce, herbs and sliced chili for guests to mix with cooked fish. All of those make an attractive and tasty dish.

The reliable address to eat Cha ca in Hanoi are:

  • Cha ca La Vong – No. 14 Cha Ca street/ No. 107 Nguyen Truong To street
  • Cha ca Thang Long – No. 21 Duong Thanh street


Nem ran (fried spring rolls) is a delicious food that you should relish when coming to Hanoi. This dish is very popular thus you can see on almost restaurant menu.


Nem ran is the perfect combination of many different ingredients such as minced pork, eggs, carrot, mushroom, sugar, pepper, salt,... This mixture is carefully rolled in a sheet of rice paper, then fried in a sizzling oil pan until the roll has light brown color. This means the spring rolls are crispy and so tasty. You should eat nem ran with fresh herbs and dipping sauce when it is still hot.

Nowadays, people use chicken, shrimp, crab, snail,... instead of pork to make various flavors. You can enjoy nem ran at the following address:

  • Hanoi restaurant – No. 5 Cua O street
  • Nem ran Ha Noi – No. 3 Phu Dong Thien Vuong street

Bun thang

Bun thang is a delicate dish of Hanoi cuisine. This dish has appeared at Hanoi Old Quarter for a long time and it is a favourite food up to now.


Foreign visitors love Bun thang because it not only has a good flavor, but also has a nice appearance. A bowl of Bun thang is decorated like an iridescent flower and contains more than twenty ingredients: dried shrimp, chicken, Gio lua, egg, onion, shrimp paste...

There are many addresses famous with Bun Thang:

  • No. 59  Hang Luoc street
  • No. 28 Lieu Giai street
  • No. 144-D2 Giang Vo street
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