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Hoan Kiem Lake – Ngoc Son Temple



One of the best place you should visit when you are living in Hanoi.

Quoc Tu Giam- Temple of Literature is the top historical and culture vestige in Hanoi and Hoan Kiem Lake- Ngoc Son Temple is the top natural tourist attraction. Both these places are also the first- rank tourist attraction of Trang An.


Before, the lake was named Luc Thuy lake (because the water was green color all year round), Thuy Quan lake (because the lake was used to review the seaman)... In 15th century, the name was changed to Hoan Kiem lake, which attached to the legend of returning the sword for Gold Turtle: when Le Loi became the king with the name Le Thai To, set up the capital in Thang Long. Once time, the king was boating on Luc Thuy lake, suddenly an old big turtle appeared. Le Thai To raised the sword and it flied to the old turtle’s side. The old turtle took the sword and dove down to bottom of the lake. And then, Luc Thuy lake was named Hoan Kiem lake (returning the sword) or Sword lake.


As legend, Turtle Tower marked the place where Kim Quy Turtle appeared and asked Le Loi King to return the sword. On the sunny days, turtles in the lake sometimes rise to the surface and sunbathe on the mound. Therefore, the mouth- to- mouth story about “ The Genie Sword” becomes more and more well- founded. Because of nice site: front of the lake, not only for the legend, Turtle Tower still becomes scenic spot of Hanoi capital. The Tower is designed with European architecture style with Gothic arches row. On the two downstairs, the curved roofs remain in rule of Vietnamese architecture, which is spiritual symbol of thousand- year Hanoi capital forever.


Besides, there are many famous places surrounding Hoan Kiem lake, which raise ancient value such as: The Huc bridge, Ngoc Son temple, Pen tower, Ms. Kieu temple, Le Thai To King temple, Hoa Phong temple... Moreover, when visiting there, visitors can enjoy the fresh- air because there is a green space surrounding the lake. So, the lake is also called “bloom in center of the capital”. The water surface is a big mirror, in which the old trees, willow trees, old temples, old pagodas, old towers and new buildings are reflected. Therefore, whenever tourists visit there, they always buy nice souvenir pictures to bring back.



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