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Some essential ideals to choose the housing rental in Hanoi


How to choose the accommodation in Hanoi?

Nowadays it is very easy to find properties to rent in Hanoi. There are lots of choices of house that we believe you will find a suitable accommodation and satisfy your rental needs.


Types of house in Hanoi


There are some types of house in Hanoi with a different structure that we would like to tell you as follows:

-    Detached house: Normally this type house has a large private land with a ratio of no more than 50 percent of land. Almost houses have always a private driveway and surrounded by garden and fence. Even the landlords grow many types of trees, grass, or fish pool next to the house. For this type of house, there are at least a three stories or higher, but must be at least three facades that open to the surrounding environment. With this type we recommend you Tay Ho area (Westlake), Ciputra Hanoi area or Vinhomes Riverside villa which you can settle.

-     Semi-detached house: This type has a landsize square meter smaller than detached house’s. However there are at least three facades as the same the detached house. Almost this type will be sticked the wall on the side of the house with the wall of neighbor’s house, not private. It also has a privateway, however the yards of the house will be smaller than the detached house’s. Click houses in Tay Ho for example.

-     Street house: This type is normally facing to the street, a lane or an alley with a length of the house longer than its width. And almost the structure of this type is high that can be up to 8 stories or higher depending on each streets, districts, or regulars of the local authorities. Almost the landlords use some floors to be a shop, restaurant or office and even rental. They will live in a higher floor levels.

-    Apartment: Nowadays there are many apartments in Hanoi for rent in the buildings with many stories can be up to 72 levels such as Keangnam Tower growing in Hanoi in particular and Vietnam in general. The buildings have lots of amenities provided to residents or occupants living such as: elevator, swimming pool, staircases etc.

Types of rentals in Hanoi:


There are many rental options in Hanoi depending on your budget, location and requirements. If you want to rent a luxury villa in Hanoi, or a house. Most these types are rented for long-term lease, or at least 6 months of the leasing contract. However houses or villas can be rented with or without furniture and the rent charge is also depend on providing full furnished or unfurnished.

As you know, Vietnam is now opening for all countries in the world come to invest or establish a company. So with this there are a lot of foreigners, expats, staffs, experts come into Vietnam too and of course the demand of the housing for residence is rising. Now it is very easy and convenient for those who to find the rent accommodation. If you want to rent an apartment in Hanoi, there are two options: serviced apartment and normal one. However the serviced apartment is normally offer fully furnished and has amenities such a reception desk, gym, swimming pool, restaurant and housekeeping. For normal apartment may cheaper than the serviced apartment rental, but you will have to pay all related expeses, deal with the landlord and establish a connection to the utilities by yourself. However LEHAI Housing will beside you during your tenancy.

However there is another option, you can find a share house with other housemates. This is definitely the cheapest option. Rooms in this type can be fully furnished, partly furnished or unfurnished.


In summary, you can find the accommodation in Hanoi from your either a word of mouth or recommendation from your friends and other expats. Or you can also hire a local Real estate agency or realtor, or websites. MYHANOIHOME is also one the best real estate agency in Hanoi can help you to find a dream home.


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