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Important 4 steps to sign in lease agreements in Vietnam


There area mainly 4 steps to sign in lease agreements:

There are 4 steps for a house lease agreement in Vietnam which have properties to rent in Hanoi before signing you need to know:

  1. Pre-tenancy agreement

When you come to visit the accommodation, you realize that the housing need to changed or provided some more furniture or any requirements you may have for the rental property. And to ensure that all your requirements and requests for the property you choose are clearly stated. You have to tell the landlord prepare this Pre-tenancy agreement and then tell them sign on it. If they agree with your needs, they will sign to provide your requests as verbally discusion.

  1. Security deposit

Normally the amount of the security deposit is equivalent to one month of the rent. However some landlords require more than one month security deposit depending on your requests and quality of the furniture of the house. And this amount will be kept and refunded to you without any interest when the lease agreement term ends. However the landlord have the right to deduct from the security deposit for all services, costs and expenses, arising during the tenancy stated in the lease agreement.

  1. Lease agreement terms and conditions


The standard lease agreement priod is normally from 12 months. Most the landlord of house or villa for rent will not accept the leases that are less than one year contract. The exception is for the leases on serviced apartments which are flexible and can be for variable lengths of the lease. It means you can sign the lease for monthly, even daily in specific cases. The Lessee has the priority to renew this Lease Contract for a further period by giving 01 month notice before the Expiry Date. However the rent shall be negotiated for the renewal period based on the negotiation.

  1. Diplomatic clause

This clause is a safe to you in case you are no longer employed or transferred to another city or country. Based on this clause you can terminate the lease before execution of the lease by giving 1 month or 3 months notice in advance. In this case you will receive the security deposit back in full and the prepaid rent which are not used. The landlord should only be permitted to stop the lease if you do not pay the rent on time as stated on the lease. However most of landlords accepts this clause if the lease execution is more than one year. With our experience some serviced apartment lease has this clause on the lease.

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